Sunday 02nd of October 2022


Parfait de traduction. The translation of culture specific items for the Spanish audience in films about French cooking
Ana María Hornero, University of Zaragozapdf_icon_30x30

Abstract: This paper tries to show the way in which the world of French cooking is presented to the Spanish audience in two audiovisual texts made in America: Ratatouille (2007) and Julie & Julia (2009). An analysis of two North American culinary theme  films as if they were parfaits is provided, the translation (or non translation, in some cases) of Culture Specific Items (CSIs) into Spanish being one of the layers. A count has been made of all the strategies followed in the translation of CSIs; particular attention is devoted to the translation of food terms, proper names and other cultural aspects of the films. This first layer of our parfait. Working together with the linguistic code in the building of an image of the French cuisine is the second layer, the dubbing performance, which shows a French accent partout. At a third level, the use of French music in both films contributes greatly to a recreation of a typically French atmosphere. This part of the analysis refers to the musical code, designed to help sell the French image. The combination of the various meaning codes will prove delicious in the real gourmet kitchens at Ratatouille’s and Julia’s.


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